by / February 7th, 2011 /

Jape – The Odessa Club, Dublin

Richie Egan is in a very creative and productive zone at the moment. When not playing bass with The Redneck Manifesto or producing new tracks with his other side project Visionair, he is still creating new music as Jape. Just this week he shared ‘It’s Shadow Won’t Make a Noise’ on SoundCloud, a poignant but sublime piece of music.

‘Live at the Odessa Club’ on most Thursdays is a way to see artists in a more relaxed surrounding – a small venue with a lounge setting, cosy couches and low stools. The evenings usually have that post-work, limbering up for the weekend mood, perfect for these kinds of gigs. Egan, along with a drummer and guitarist opened with a nice mellow new track ‘Borrowed Time with Peace’, with lyrics apt for our current situation such as “and like you all I lived beyond my means”.

The next track, also new, ‘You Make The Love’, moved into more familiar Jape sounds, an upbeat quirky number. ‘Christopher and Anthony’ and ‘Strike Me Down’ got the crowd moving, but there was a sense that Egan was willing the crowd to get up off the couches and go crazy so he could also rock out. The highlight of the night was ‘It’s Shadow Won’t Make a Noise’ with its Spanish guitar feel and sound and overall exquisite arrangement perfect for the intimate surrounds of The Odessa Club.

‘Hands On Fire’, changed up the tempo once more, an electro-pop special about burning your hands when smoking. It’s a newish song that has been played at previous Jape gigs, but tonight’s arrangement was tighter. ‘Floating’ seemed even more psychedelic than usual, and in fact, all the older songs had something more to offer with new, rebooted arrangements. ‘I Was a Man’ seemed to finally shake up the mostly sedate but appreciative crowd, but this was to be the second last song of the night. Egan then playing solo on acoustic guitar, closed out the set with ‘The Cracks’ a day old song, and another gorgeous number.

At just over an hour it was a short set, but a perfect showcase of Jape’s music, whetting the palette for the new album which will hopefully follow this year.