by / May 6th, 2008 /

Brasilintime, Tivoli Theatre


Taking it’s cue from the DVD documentary of the same name, Brasilintime is based on the coming together of world class hip-hop DJs and the Brazilian drummers who inspire them and who they have probably sampled. Brasilintime bridges the gap between generations and disciplines in a touring live showcase format; essentially an extended jam in front of an audience. On the Dublin date the DJs consisted of LA DJs and producers J-Rocc and Madlib alongside Sao Paulo’s DJ Nuts. The drummers of Brazilian persuasion, were two highly respected: João “Comanche” Parahyba and Ivan “Mamão” Conti. A special guest drummer on the night was the legendary Tony Allen.

When State arrived the Irish-born director of Brasilintime, B+ was DJing and Nuts followed him up, prompting an impressive breakdancing circle in front of stage. It was close to midnight before Comanchi and Mamão hit the stage and warmed up with some breathtaking percussive jams. One by one, J-Rocc, Nuts and Madlib joined the duo until a full-on DJ/drum collaboration was taking place. The DJs knew better than to try and steal the show with their skills, instead letting the drummers shine but J-Rocc acted as ringmaster of the ceremony. Mamão is an expressive performer, in his 60s with bright white hair and a mustache, prompting State’s cohort to remark he looked like the “Santa Claus of drumming”. Comanchi was a little bit more restrained but equally enthralling to watch, egged on by a friendly atmosphere in the venue.

The addition of Tony Allen was surprisingly, not required as 68 year old Allen looked lost and unable to connect with the groove the other two drummers were channeling. No matter, Allen has earned his stripes elsewhere State thought, as a Brazilian friend tried to teach us to dance samba-style, using only our hips. We failed but it mattered little as we were left with a deeper appreciation of the drum and a great respect for this history of two of Brazil’s best drummers.

FYI: State heard that the Limerick show following the Dublin date was a little special as it was held outdoors thanks to the lovely weather.

Photos by Dolan Photography.