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Cut Copy, The Village, Dublin

With their latest offering In Ghost Colours being lauded as a real contender for album of the year, Cut Copy’s appearance at this year’s Heineken Green Synergy festival has been eagerly awaited. And if the audience members squeezed into the Village tonight look smug it’s because they’re the privileged ones who’re lucky enough to be here; more than a few unlucky fans have been left trudging forlornly along the queues outside the venue in desperate attempts to snap up a spare ticket.

Arriving on stage with typical rock -n’ roll nonchalance, Messrs. Whitford, Hoey and Scott greet the crowd before delving headlong into the Rapture-esque -Nobody Lost, Nobody Found’. Early into the set it becomes apparent that the focus will be on new material, with -Time Stands Still’ being the solitary offering from their previous album, Bright Like Neon Love. The assembled revellers don’t seem to mind, however, and they quickly find their feet – a sea of bodies moves in time to the majestic synthpop of -So Haunted’, -Lights and Music’, -Feel the Love’ and instant club classic -Out There On the Ice’.

Poor sound quality is conspiring to undermine the bands efforts, however. While the opening song is unaffected, adjustments made after a high-pitched shriek of feedback taint the following songs with a muddy tone. That Cut Copy can rise above this is a testament to the connection they have established with the audience and, more so, the quality of the songs themselves. A chorus of voices sings along and hands clap to the beat as the masses do their best to ensure tonight is remembered for all the right reasons.

There is no need to panic, though, as the group defy the errant sound system to deliver a stunning version of -Future’ before coolly departing the stage. With the crowd hungry for more, the threesome swiftly return and take up where they left off. Screams of approval meet the opening bars of -Hearts On Fire’ as Cut Copy conclude their Dublin visit by performing the exquisite lead single from their latest LP.

For the most part, it’s a satisfied legion of fans which pours out of the Village afterwards, although some are disappointed about the obvious dearth of older songs in tonight’s set. And while tonight’s performance is far from an anti-climax, that fact, coupled with the aforementioned sound issues, leave this reviewer feeling it could’ve been so much better.

  • Though I don’t know the band this is a great review Patrick, grats!

  • luke

    I must’ve been at a different gig! They were great at Electric Picnic but i was very disappointed with this gig – the gig only got going properly with the last 5 or 6 tunes – stockpiling the best tunes to the end is not on!!

  • Patrick Conboy (author)


    It’s impossible to satisfy everyone – others who’ve read the review have told me they’re surprised I didn’t think the gig was better than how I described it. It wasn’t spectacular but I feel the band must be given credit for making the most of things when the sound quality was as bad as it was.

    And whether or not they left all their best songs until the end is a matter of opinion.

  • Dan

    nice review man, soz i was no help with the playlist, Great night tho!!

  • Jamie

    ‘Future’ is also from Bright Like Neon Love. Yes, i’m a pedant.

  • Patrick Conboy

    I was wondering when someone would point that out! 😉