by / December 19th, 2008 /

Dandy Warhols, Tripod, Dublin

After an Oasis-inspired but impressive set from Dublin-based support act The Brothers Movement the quietly psychedelic spectacle that is the Dandy Warhols took to the stage at Tripod, looking their boho-rock best and ready to teach the would-be indie kids a thing or two. A typically downbeat start gave little away, and even the killer hand-clap and kitschy synth combination of -We Used to be Friends’ was less lively than it might have been. By -Not If You Were the Last Junkie On Earth’ however, the Warhols had found their feet. If anyone could make the anti-drugs message cool, it’s this band and that anthem (authorities, please take note).

Courtney Taylor-Taylor didn’t need to sweet talk his enthusiastic audience by declaring how intimidating it was to sing in Ireland, ‘where all the great white soul singers come from’ but -Talk Radio’ showed off his gravely tones to perfection, as did the ever-ominous -I Love You’. -Last High’ went down just as well live as he claimed it had in an acoustic radio session that day; a tight performance confirming that the Portland foursome were truly getting into their stride.

-All the Money or the Simple Life, Honey’ was, as proved to be the general format of the gig, a return to the upbeat side of indie rock after a spell of equally enjoyable hippy-trance material, moving past the inevitable Vodafone moment with -Bohemian Like You’ and on to the all too danceable -Get Off’. Having then played through the vast majority of their hits in a short and successful space of time, it was time to return a slower hippy-trance vibe before the hillbilly sway of -The New Country’.

The Dandy Warhols shift from one genre to another with ease, and from the swooping guitars of -Godless’ to the lesser-heard -Genius’ seem not to have lost any their own particular genius between 1995’s -Dandy’s Rule, OK?’ to this year’s -Earth to the Dandy Warhols’. The Beck-esque -Horse Pills’ was followed by the just as brilliantly bizzare -The Legend of the Last of the Outlaw Truckers AKA the Ballad Of Sheriff Shorty’. A rocked-up version of -The Little Drummer Boy’ added a festive touch to the proceedings, and a final acoustic singalong for -Every Day Should be a Holiday’ outdid any on-record version of the track, ensuring that the Dandy Warhols ended their 2008 tour just as dandily as ever.

Photos by Julie Bienvenu.