by / November 10th, 2008 /

Goldfrapp, Tripod, Dublin

Having delighted the masses at Electric Picnic back in August with their distinctive brand of synthpop, Goldfrapp made a welcome return to Ireland in support of their latest album, Seventh Tree last Friday.

Such is the anticipation and expectation surrounding tonight’s performance, it seems nobody wants to miss a second and the venue is full unusually early. The band, all dressed in white, take to the stage amid enthusiastic cheers and applause while Alison Goldfrapp appears wearing some rather fetching pink nightwear. A hush descends as Ms Goldfrapp and her cohorts ease into proceedings with the ethereal -Paper Bag’. This song sets the tone for the first half of the show, which draws heavily from the ambient compositions found on their Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree LPs. Numbers like -A & E’, -Utopia’ and the dreamy -Cologne Cerrone Houdini’ are lapped up by the fans, who have fallen firmly under the spell cast by Alison’s sultry vocals and the group’s fine instrumentation.

The upbeat, almost burlesque tones of -Satin Chic’ herald a change in tempo and people get moving, as psychedelic kaleidoscope visuals envelop the stage. Jaw-dropping renditions of -Number One’, -Ooh La La’ and -Caravan Girl’ follow in close succession before the raunchy electro opening riff of -Train’ sends the crowd feral. By now it’s apparent that the band members are thoroughly enjoying themselves as Alison dances around the stage while the others grin from ear-to-ear.

With the crowd showing their appreciation, the group departs the stage only to reappear minutes later. ‘You’re the best crowd we’ve had during the whole tour,’ Alison announces before delicately singing the opening lines to -Black Cherry’. The best is saved for last, though, as Goldfrapp sign off from Dublin with -Strict Machine’ – the performance of which is so infectiously groovy that no one stands still until the last note has ceased.

Songs such as -Tiptoe’ and -Ride A White Horse’ are noticeable by their absence from tonight’s performance but nobody’s complaining, not even at the fact that the set is a little shorter than expected. It’s simply been a case of quality over quantity.