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Heritage Centre, Whelan’s, Dublin

With the recession, one would think that gigs these days would be emptier than our bank accounts. However, this didn’t seem to be the case for Dublin band Heritage Centre who played Whelan’s last Friday.

The band launched their debut EP The City, The Fox and the Tree on the night and the huge crowd occupying the venue was a sure sign of the group’s rising success.

After missing the support band Romanov’s Goodbye, State arrived just in time to see the five-piece open with ‘Death By Science’, the second track on the EP. This was shortly followed by a couple of the band’s oldies, which, it appeared, more than half of the audience knew all the lyrics to, so much so, that one who didn’t would be left feeling slightly out of the loop.

It was obvious that front man Conal McIntyre was taken aback by the size and the reception of the crowd, along with stating that all the group’s parents were there to support them and that they “felt like they were playing an under fourteens football match” the crowd appeared to be fuelling a lot of the bands onstage energy, which in turn, worked the crowd up even more. At one stage people were dancing so hard near the front of the stage that it was difficult to tell if some people were thoroughly enjoying themselves or having an epileptic fit.

Taking a well deserved five second break, the band then launched into -Losing Touch’ and -Oldest Friend’, one of the first singles that the band released, a track that also seemed to hold something nostalgic for both the band and the fans. One thing that is really inspiring about this band is the multi-instrumentalism. One moment all guitars are firing yet they dampen down to reveal the beautiful sounds of McIntyre’s piano playing style, in a way that would make Chris Martin jealous.

The lads from Dublin continued on with their energising set and finished up with another EP track -Somehow I Feel Cheated’. After going offstage, it was crystal clear that the crowd wasn’t standing for the fact of the gig being over and before long the band returned onto the stage with their rendition of Weezer’s -In the Garage’.

When one finds it hard to find a spot to stand in to enjoy the music in Whelans, it’s obvious that the band you’re watching is destined to shine. It’s clear cut that these guys are on the way to bigger and better things and they have no one to thank for their success so far but themselves.

Photo by Ruth Medjber from her photoblog.

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