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Interpol, Ã…rhus, Denmark

1 July 2008
Interpol, Train, Ã…rhus, Denmark

State had a giddy little moment last night in Aarhus’ Train venue. Walking in and around the bar we nearly bump into the stage – it’s that close. A shallow, but comfortably wide venue, only 800 Interpol fans can pile in here tonight. Quite a coup to get New York’s finest in to this cosy place for their first live date of the current tour ahead of their Oxegen appearance this Friday. Though the Scandinavian sun is high in the sky, it’s all smoky black, red and blue in here and as the curtain goes up we see Paul Banks appear in a trilby and giving us all a wave. Now this seems epically cheery for these moody sartorialists but maybe: A) They’re happy to be back on the road again or B) We’ve never been this close to the band before to notice. Probably both.

A blood red background leaks out and barely lit, they tease us in with -Pioneer To The Falls’, the pulsing current album opener. It does sound a little like the guitar isn’t really in the mix properly but adjusting your now-stadium sound for this intimacy, plus getting up there on stage after a break which included farming and wearing, wait for it, jeans (see interview in the current issue) must need a bit of warming up.

The hat comes off and we notice Banks is sporting a smart new crop for the tour. Cue -Slow Hands’, -PDA’ and -Narc’. The band are warming up in spurts, as are a VERY small section of the famously sombre Danish audience. We edge closer to the fun people not a moment to soon, for -C’mere’ is rock solid and they even sound a bit louder. There are some doubts over the third album’s merit, though unchecking two or three songs in the iTunes playlist always make it just as strong as the others, and live it really stands tall. -No I in Threesome’ is glorious and we’re all hands pointing in the air singing along. Following this with the drumless-till-the-end album closer -Lighthouse’ may have seemed an odd choice when just getting into the stride but it is monumental and easily the most intense moment of the evening with sticksman Fogarino only reappearing on the stage to give the last minute of the song the full lash.


While never sounding off-time or out of tune there’s some moments where it doesn’t gel as well as it has before, especially in the earlier numbers. Even on the thumping grandeur of -Not Even Jail’ you don’t feel it’s just flowing out of them. Well not until -Obstacle 1′ pours into -Evil’ and State’s memory of that Oxegen performance in 2005 comes to mind. While all your mates were at LCD Soundsystem, these guys fucking annihilated the tent with this song. They tear it up here too, though State suffers less bruising than back in ’05.

Then -Roland’, a personal favourite, closes the show on a high but worried punters had to wait till the encore to hear ‘How are things on the west coast…‘ which got a massive response. -Stella’¦’ closed it all up and it was all seven minutes of pure black and red and blue brilliance. If the true colours streaming out of the band in these numbers are an indication of what’s to come, and with a few gigs to warm up in-between, it should be a massive show in Punchestown. Let’s hope the Sun is down so that brooding New York cool can stream out from the stage.

Interpol @ Train by Chrille.

  • Cant wait! Working but i hope to get out to see them rip it up. Hopefully its dark, and reminiscent of 2005.