by / June 9th, 2008 /

Kylie, Forum, Copenhagen, June 8th


Photo by Martin Rosenauer.

Kylie is a legend. Of course she is ‘A’ legend but she gives an impression of such damn soundness that you want to bring her over for tea, introduce her to your girlfriend and all your buddies and then play Singstar doing shots. She’d have to sing to her own songs and it’d be the most fun night you ever had it. Ahem, but back to the Forum in Copenhagen.

Quite a cavernous Point Depot-like venue which was just begging for an event that uses the darkness inside to full advantage. It’s baking hot inside (“you guys win hottest venue on the tour”) and a subtle and beautiful visual slowly builds after the curtain drop till wee little Kylie, chipper and gorgeous, happy and healthy appears amidst a melee of dancers. The vibe from the start is of course, sexy and with all the dancers cavorting about it’s more like a Rice/Webber musical than a gig but Kylie just has that homey and aforementioned sound nature about her that raises her above other popstrels. From the yellow-pack Westlife shows to Madonna’s forced sexiness they pale in comparison. Gathered tonight are not the room of glorious Cph queens I was expecting but pretty much anyone over 30 who didn’t go to see Celine Dion here last weekend. There’s a lot of tall dudes too who keep blocking my view of the wee lass but the infections happiness is everywhere.

The spectacle is fantastic. A massive wall of images and a floor the same (though the floor is wasted on a venue like this sadly as we’re all looking up) but we get some pure classics (‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ is the second track in) and it’s amazing and colourful and the dancers are popping all over the place. The sets change with the dresses (every second song, to the lady’s eternal credit and stamina).

Oh there is WONDERFUL stuff on stage – the live band bracketing the stage, a whole American Football kind of theme for a few tunes and later on there’s acrobatic samurai and a big cage comes over the stage, drops down and a pyramid comes up and opens and there she is inside it, all dressed up on a revolving platform thing. It’d bring a tear to the eye how full-on cabaret this is. We have VERY overt sailor stuff going on and all to the soundtrack of some of the best pop ever sung ‘I Believe In You’, ‘Kids’, ‘Come Into My World’, ‘On A Night Like This’, ‘Your Disco Needs You’ ah jayzuz, all the greats. We get a whole port bar scene from Copacabana and when you think it couldn’t get better the screens open and Kylie comes out floating on A HUGE FUCKING CRYSTAL SKULL 50 FEET ABOVE THE STAGE. Wow. And we’re getting the glorious ‘2 Hearts’ (Is there an Inxs ‘Mystify Me’ reference in that tune?) and then the blaster of the night is ‘Slow’ with herself carving an ‘S’ in the air while the song pumps up to a throbbing climax. Told you it was hot in there. Anyhow, finale is the whole 17th Century Venetian ballroom affair and resplendent it is.

Following a cascade of golden streamers we are finally we are satiated with ‘Love At First Sight’ and even the golden oldie ‘I Should Be So Lucky’. And we should, we should be so lucky to see this sparkling pop diamond running about in myriad costumes on a fantastic stage in an astounding show. Long life and good health to the lady herself – but sure once you pop, you can’t stop.