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Lykke Li – The Sugar Club

It was a case of bums off seats, smiles on faces last night in The Sugar Club where Swedish popstress Lykke Li cemented her potential in front of an Irish audience.

Normally, The Sugar Club reserves its music events for the kind of genres that don’t require a dancefloor: folk, ambient electronica, shoegaze, acoustic or some downright theatrics like tonight’s Friday the 13th special – The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With the exception of the Sassy Sue club night, State has never seen the token small dancefloor in front of stage used until Lykke Li came along.

You could sense the collective consciousness of the sold out crowd’s overwhelming need for Lykke to be as good as everyone is telling us. State included. There was no need to worry as she came onstage with her superb 3 piece band (including an outstanding drummer) and proceeded to bash a collection of cymbals along to ‘Dance Dance Dance’ with such energy it becomes obvious that perhaps stardom is apparent, especially when accompanied what can only be described as the “monkey-squat” thrusts she was throwing out.

The trumpets weren’t required tonight and the band consisting of a guitarist, keyboard player and drummer made an impressive electro-pop racket with the help of a drum machine, a sampler and Lykke on a kazoo with other instrumental oddities. Unfamiliar with the Sugar Club’s normally reluctant crowd, she asked people to dance citing “This is a rock concert!”.

Eventually though after a string of songs showcasing her most upbeat tunes 40 or 50 people slid off their seats and went down in front to dance, dance, dance to ‘Breaking it Up’, which after last night, has become the standout track from her album Youth Novels. Shortly after the dance invasion however Lykke and band ran out of songs to play. “I’m a debut artist!”, she said defensively. An encore including a ragga version of ‘A Little Bit’ and a bizarre cover of A Tribe Called Quest’s ‘Can I Kick It?’ sated the appetite.

It was short and sweet but oh so good.

Lykke Li – Little Bit

  • “im not the dalai lama, you dont have to sit down.” haha. really good concert

  • colin

    So annoyed I missed this…. sob sob. I do hate the Sugar Club though.

  • Great to see more interesting concerts at the Sugar Club. It’s a tiresome venue, with a really alienating setup of round table tiered seating, like a 50’s club from Goodfello’s, and a tiny awkward stage. Least favourite venue in town.

  • ciaran

    i can’t believe you were all so happy with this. i thought it was kind of ridiculous! don’t get me wrong Lykke Li has some great pop songs, and they sounded great the other night, but come on, she was on stage for half an hour. you can’t come out all guns blazing saying get up off your asses this is a rock show and then leave after 7 songs saying you don’t have any more to play. she has an album and ep out and could have bothered rehearsing the whole thing so she had more material to play. or maybe after getting people up to dance she didn’t have any faith in her slower songs and couldn’t pull them off? anyway, most crowds would have left a bit cheesed off at such a short gig. she clearly could have played for longer. El Perro Del Mar was terrific as support.

  • I more-or-less agree with the review, though it was too short. I can’t help thinking maybe she should have gone for a more subtle approach – like her Jools appearance, instead of trying to play “a rock concert,” which was pretty futile in the Sugar Club. Better still would have been her upbeat approach in a different venue.

    Oh, and sorry to be a pedant, but I think the encore was a version of “I’m Good I’m Gone,” not the equally great “Little Bit”. I just can’t help myself..