by / February 5th, 2009 /

Soulfly, The Academy, Dublin

Waiting outside The Academy at 9:50pm for the doors to open on the night of a gig was a first. Due to the bad weather conditions, Soulfly’s ferry, carrying both themselves and their gear, had been delayed. Finally at about 10 o’clock, the tour bus pulled up outside and roadies, tour manager and even band members starting unloading the gear to get it set up in a record time of just 10 minutes (with the Brazilian flag making its way onto the stage before any essential equipment), albeit without support band, Incite, who didn’t make it to the stage in Dublin. Eventually, Max Cavalera made his way onto the stage, looking pretty cheerful, before launching into -Blood Fire War Hate’.

Usually, Cavalera would leave it until the end of a gig to start performing old Sepultura classics but considering the circumstances, where fans had been waiting outside for hours, he made it up to them with a fantastic performance of -Refuse Resist’. This was followed by tracks such as the legendary -Back To The Primitive’ and -Corrosion Creeps’, while a few fans somehow made their way on stage to attempt having what looked like a dance, but were soon ushered off.

It looked like this was happening once again when a young man joined Soulfly on stage. However, this time it was vocalist Richie from Incite, who joined Cavalera on vocals for -Unleash’ and proved damn good at screaming with the old pro’s.

Cavalera insisted that the crowd form a wall of death (where the crowd splits into two sides and launch themselves as fast as they can at the other, resulting in a serious mosh pit.)This looked like pure chaos and probably after seeing the fear on some teens’ faces, Cavalera tamed proceedings a little with his cover of -Ragwar’, a track by Dave Grohl’s Probot.

After asking the audience if they wanted ‘more fast shit’, Cavalera and band proceeded to do just that. Before he could even say ‘Sing that shit loud’, the crowd already knew what was about to come. The room shook as scantily clad metal men (and the odd woman!) went wild to the sound of Sepultura’s -Roots Bloody Roots’, so wild that they didn’t even notice him leave the stage!

Thankfully, Cavalera returned for a well deserved encore with -Eye For An Eye’, from Soulfly’s eponymous debut.

The long wait seems aeons ago, and indeed probably served to make this gig more memorable in the end. It’s nice to see that no matter how bad our Irish weather is, it doesn’t stop our metal fans remaining hardcore.

Photo by Damien James O’ Farrell