by / May 3rd, 2016 /

Mac Miller – The Academy, Dublin

Mac Miller’s live show has been pretty well documented before now. He released a live album off the back of the release of his 2013 album Watching Movies With The Sound Off. The live recording featured the Internet on band duties and was a much more intimate affair than what we’re getting in the Academy this evening. It seems he has ditched the instrumentation in favour of the classic emcee/hype man/DJ setup and his show certainly does not suffer because of it.

From the moment Mac appears on stage, strobe lights light up the entire room. Every beat drop or singalong is complimented by perfectly timed lighting to go with it. You forget how important an element like this can be to any performance. It can turn someone playing their music for a crowd into a fully fledged performance. That’s something that Mac doesn’t have to worry about too much though. His combination of hard hitting hip hop tracks and slower ballads provide the perfect balance of energy, with the latter often providing both the crowd and Mac with some breathing time.

Despite being a reletively young artist, he has built up a huge back catalogue to work with. Everything from collaborations with Pharell to his one of his first singles, ‘Best Day Ever’ grant huge reactions in the room. The newer material from his album GO:OD am sits very well amongst the crowd also. Many of these tracks feature Mac at his lyrical best and it is rightfully the main focus of the set list for the night. For someone who could easily have become a one hit wonder or drifted into obscurity, Mac proves himself more and more with each musical outing and it is certainly appreciated by his fans.

Knowing this is his first headline show in Ireland, no punches are pulled. He works very hard to keep the audience busy and you get the impression that the same amount of effort is being put into every stop on the tour. That’s not to take away from the greatness of this gig, but instead portrays Mac Miller as the hungry, hard working artist he is. He may have made a lot of money via an MTV2 reality show, but it is obvious that he is here for the music. It has been interesting to watch how he has evolved as an artist over the past few years, and if this gig is anything to go by, he won’t be slowing down anytime soon.