by / November 26th, 2013 /

Nanu Nanu – Cork

“Never mind what other people think, just be yourself.” Not just the words of Laura Sheeran to the audience at Crane Lane, but a sentiment that she lives up to with every fibre of her being. With the ever-ominous presence of counterpart Mirrorman (Marc Aubele) as her strong-but-silent backup, her Glitterface alter ego takes to the stage in true ‘I don’t give a damn’ fashion before whipping off her hoodie to reveal a trademark bellytop and proceeding to bounce around like a space-hopper with orange eyebrows and neon green hair. Sheeran does what she wants, when she wants to. And the crowd love her for it.

From the first ambient and sweeping tones of ‘Seahorse’, followed immediately by the fist-pumping aggression of ‘Pocket of Gold’, it’s clear why Nanu Nanu have been making some considerable waves on the live electro circuit in recent months, enticing fans with their unique blend of industrialised punk and futuristic vocal processing. Tonight though there’s an extra element in the form of hip-hop artist Stevie Liriks, a collaborator on the Unit 1 album who flew all the way from California to tour with the band after making their virtual acquaintance. Jumping in on ‘The Drop’, Liriks weaves his snappy R’n’B style raps in between Sheeran’s mellifluous melodies to create a unique tapestry of hip-hop alien-pop. Honestly, it really shouldn’t work…except it does.

Ever the entertainer, the singer catapults herself into the crowd for the last couple of songs – screeching, screaming, dancing with gig-goers, generally just going crazy and very much being herself. A night that not only sates those in attendance but proves that things can only get bigger and better for Nanu Nanu in 2014.

Photo: Brid O’Donnovan