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Oxegen 08 – Editors, Interpol, Kings of Leon

KOL / Interpol

Don’t think State are too grown up for getting up the front and jumping about to a fine festival performance. EDITORS waste no time ripping up the main stage. Tom is attired in a simple white tee and displaying an impassioned performance as is his trademark. Losing himself in the tunes while still staying focused in bringing the most out in the festival crowd, they pluck the finest songs from their two albums and blast them at the increasingly-more-into-it crowd.

We get a new song which may have been inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ and it’s a beautiful number and well received. Tom is screaming at the crowd and delivers the glorious non-album, but live favourite -You Are Fading’. There’s a glorious feeling being up the front with a bunch of Irish fans totally into the show (one amusingly reprimanding State for jumping in too early in a chorus). Final number is a massive version of -Smokers…’ and it’s engaging and suitable to a festival, Tom dragging yells out of the gathered. We’re all swept up in the emotion pouring off the stage. Massive points for playing it perfectly lads, to a hugely appreciative audience.

Festival favourites and State cover boys INTERPOL grace the darkening main stage as the evening falls. Having witnessed Editors lift the crowd beforehand it’s a little bit of a comedown to see the New York lads lock into their usual broodiness. Perfectly attired in a grey suit, trilby and red scarf, Paul Banks is his marvellous stony self as they open with -Pioneer’ into -Slow Hands’. They sound solid and together and the fans are enjoying their return after a widely hailed show here last year. One member of the State entourage is wide-eyed declaring that suddenly it all makes sense and she must return home immediately to re-listen to all the albums. –Like falling in love all over again‘ was the comment, though the rest of the crowd are quite restrained, soaking up the vibe quietly from the stage. -Evil’ is rousing as ever, but is a song that prefers a blood red tent for full impact. In fact the backdrop on an average white curtain is a bit low on effectiveness and they almost lose half the crowd when they play the atmospheric, but slow building -The Lighthouse’. By the time the drums kick in after five minutes the audience look a little bored. -Rest My Chemistry’ again sounds better live than on the album and a new song (now an Oxegen must-have in a band’s set) is a lush and classically Interpol-paced tune. Not a bad show but a little disconnected, maybe when these guys come around again they should be headlining a big tent, all the more suited to their simmering rock.

People are pouring onto site for the KINGS OF LEON – masses are headed for the main stage which is stunningly lit, all spangles and stars and video-walls. The Kings get a massive reception though as they fire through a few favourites (-California Waiting’ and a slow tempo -Molly’s Chambers’) they seem a little lacklustre. About half way through, when the entire crowd are bathed in the light pouring from the stage, the band really hit their stride. -Spiral Staircase’ is massively good as indeed was -Charmer’ and the fantastic -Four Kicks’. It’s a glorious end to the first night and beautiful to see a stage so well utilised as the rain holds off and the masses pour back to the cars and campsites and a few trickle to the handful of remaining gigs.

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Editors, Interpol, Kings of Leon.

Photos (by James Goulden)



  • Great shots James!

  • Interpol were a snoozefest, have to say. Kings of Leon – good songs but amazing performance? I don’t think so. Still, they are what they are and they did what they do best, and the crowd seemed pleased enough with themselves, and with KoL too. Have to say I was excited about seeing them until Interpol sucked the life out of me.

  • Nitrobyname

    Interpol were terrible, KOL really put on a great show…