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Photos: Analog Festival – Liars, Efterklang, Tortoise

The Analog Festival took place last weekend in Grand Canal Square with some unique musical events. Friday saw Hal Willner’s Rogues Gallery where famous voice and faces sang pirate ballads, sea songs and chanteys. It was surreal and at one point, Lou Reed, Shane McGowan and Tim Robbins (Yes – the actor Tim Robbins) were leading the masses in song. the event also featured Rachel Unthank and The Winterset, The Virgin Prunes, Teddy Thompson, Neil Hannon and Waterson:Carthy amongst others.

Sunday saw the wonderful sound of Taraf De Haïdouks, the finest exporter of Romanian gypsy folk played at lightning-fast speeds. The older they are, the more rotund they are, the more they dance it seems. Stupendous.

Saturday was notably more indie-rock orientated with an ferociously rocking opening set from Liars. Efterklang followed and their set was largely just…. nice and lacking any real crescendos. Suitable for the warm Saturday evening air but not exactly a blast. Tortoise closed the set with an hour of great post-rock/jazz tunes. Two drummers dominated stage-front, in-tune and on-time, providing a vital visual accompaniment to their not exactly ecstatic-looking fellow members.

Lovely pictures below by Colm Mullen (email), which are so good we couldn’t resist sharing them here.











  • alice

    wonderful shots!

  • john

    Why do I always miss LIARS!! Shots are brilliant really!

  • senni

    Fantastic pictures!!!

  • Claire

    Looks like a good time. Great shots too!! Esp. like the Efterklang ones.

  • Great photos…Efterklang were amazing…’nice and lacking any crescendos’? What the hell does that even mean? Their music is one long beautiful crescendo. Tortoise not on long enough but that’s curfews for you.

  • Chas

    Also have to disagree about Efterklang – I thought they were amazing – by far the best band playing live in Europe at the mo in my opinion.

  • Stunning stills.

    Analog is an excellent festival. Chequerboard at CHQ was fantastic. Venue could’ve been managed better (technically and otherwise) but he really outshone the headline act, Johann Johannson. Only a tenner for the ticket. Great value altogether.