by / December 22nd, 2008 /

Photos: Coldplay, The O2, Dublin

With just a couple of days to Christmas, Coldplay became one of the first bands to play Dublin’s newly revamped Point Depot. The venue’s rechristening under the corporate banner of the O2 should have been a sign that Coldplay too, are now a huge corporate entity. Having easily sold out two nights in the O2 and with a huge outdoor summer show coming to the capital in 2009, tickets are being touted outside for well over €100 as fans made the long walk down the quays in the drizzling December rain.

  • Ken Murphy

    Hi. I was at the show last night. Great show. However, there were a number of press photographers along the side of the catwalk coming out of the left hand side of the stage. They were there from just before the show began and were guided out after 3 or 4 songs which I believe is fairly normal behaviour for press photographers at most big shows.

  • the three song rule is at most big gigs, just not the rule about the tiny space we had to stay in to shoot from. we were told things like we weren’t allowed to even touch the stage, and if we wanted to shoot we had to sign contracts giving away all rights to our work.

    there was only two of us photographers there last night as most refused to come along and agree with the rules that the Coldplay PR people set down.

    What was the rest of the show like? I was ment to stay so I could write about it but the PR person wouldn’t allow it

  • geraldine

    was at the show on sunday night have done lots of concerts but coldplay were in a league of there own . excellent excellent show

  • Tom Mc Sweeney

    fabulous new venue,great performance from start to finish,almost as good as a U2 performance.Dave Fanning sitting in front of me didnt seem that impressed left before end (maybe i’m wrong)let me know Dave what you thought of it would be very interested in your opinion.Well done Coldplay another great show.

  • denise

    I was at the gig last night, Mon 22nd, & it probably was the best gig I’ve been too. The venue was unreal, when compared to the point & so impressive.
    Coldplay were unreal!! The show was great & the band were great with the crowd. All the little extras really added to the enjoyment of the night. When the preformed yellow, yellow ballons & yellow confetti came puring from the ceiling. For the encore confetti fell again, which was amazing to see from 3 rows from the very back.
    The band came out into the middle of the audience and preformed a few songs, jingle bells on the harmonica & guitars, which the whole crowd got involved in, & Will Champion sang fairy tale of newyork which is something I will never forget, It was unbelievable!!

    My personal favourite though was fix you, I love that song and it was performed amazing.

    I would give the show a 12 out of 10!! can’t wait to see them again!!

  • 100 metres from the stage? I doubt it given that the furthest seats away are 60m. I do sympathise though, big bands & their ridiculous contracts are getting out of hand these days. It makes you wonder how much the band contribute to the tight running of the PR ship or are they oblivious.

  • I saw them on the Monday – I wouldn’t have been the biggest Coldplay fan in the world, but they certainly put on an impressive show… those glow in the dark butterflies for the win!

    I surprised myself with how many songs I could sing along to.

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  • BlakelyJ

    I saw them in Auckland New Zealand! they were awesome! will never forget! favorite was clocks yellow viva la vida and lovers in Japan!