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Photos: Franz Ferdinand, Olympia Theatre, Dublin

Sunday night was a busy one for the gig-going public in Dublin with three quality shows on offer. In Whelan’s, the double headliner of Passion Pit and Hockey were showcasing their wares to an excited audience with Hockey winning out on performance (though both bands suggested they were on the cusp of something greater), Amadou and Miriam treated a Vicar Street audience to the elegant songs from their latest album Welcome to Mali. Franz Ferdinand in the meantime, were rocking the Olympia with reports back suggesting that the band know exactly how to please a crowd with a mix of tunes from the new album Tonight and their older hits. James Goulden took some visual evidence so you can see how it all went down.

Can someone explan the “Terry Say Relax” fan sign?






  • That Wogan reference is probably a take on their lyrics in ‘Dark of the Matinee’

    “So I’m on BBC2 now, telling Terry Wogan how I made it”

    Nice photos! Which did you prefer of the Hockey / Passion Pit show?

  • Ah yes! Makes sense.

    I missed Hockey myself. I thought PP were good but the sound was well dodgy. The guy’s brittle falsetto occasionally fell into a falter and it seemed like he was jsut screaming rather than singing. Enjoyed PP though.

    What were Hockey like? I interview them for the site earlier.

  • Yeah agree about the PP singer, voice didn’t quite cut it, swallowed up a bit in all the synths.

    Hockey provided some good indie-pop, sort of like MGMT in Electric Feel mode (both in terms of music and appearance), catchy stuff though fairly generic

  • Sinéad

    Yes! THAT’S ME! the one with the bob for pres. poster!

    Terry poster is a direct ref. to Matinee…yay Lorraine!


  • Ditto the Bob for President Sinéad, he’s cool.
    Olympia gig was great but no comparison to Dolans the night before. Who needs bouncers and pits?

  • Sinéad

    a few thousand standing is what requires pits and bouncers.

    it was the most comfortable pit i’ve EVER been in! *that sounds weird*

    I only had bruises on my arms this time! no ribs broken hahaha. less than…100 in it!

    i’d have LOVED to have gone to Dolans…400 people? soo intimate!

    this was wayyy better than the point too.

  • Yeah the Point gig was good but it was still the Point, I was a good bit away. Surprised myself to count that I’ve seen them 9 times; Dolans is now my favourite gig of theirs. Took it easy the next night and watched from the front row balcony in the Olympia.

    Click my name above for Dolans gig & aftershow photos.

  • Sinéad

    i’ve beeen at the front for all their gigs and i wouldn’t want it any other way!

    awww i saw those pics on the official website (mine are up too)

  • review of the dolans gig on my blog

  • Dude

    Hey Sinéad, I can confirm that Bob really liked the poster you made and he took it with him when he was leaving…

  • bruce is a fab singer i go to every consurt he is e.x he is my favtrite singer.

  • bruce is a fab singer i go to every consurt he is e.x he is my favtrite singer.

  • Sinead


    I know he was, I met him again after 🙂 and i had actually just asked them to sign it…so he gave it back to me…BUT THEN i gave it to a boy and he returned it to Alex for bob hahaha