by / February 10th, 2010 /

Photos: Midlake, Amager Bio, Copenhagen

State crossed an icy Copenhagen at great risk of falling on our asses and thus our lovely camera to catch Texas’ own Midlake tour their current, mellow long-player, The Courage of Others, the follow up their strong The Trials of Van Occupanther. What was a quintet has now become a septet and the number of guitars on stage barely exceeds the number of flutes as the seven plaid-shirted men take the stage.

It seems like Midlake has gone from summer, to autumn and winter on their new album. The sound of The Courage of Others seem to hit us with the thoughtfulness of the darker season, as opposed to the happy tunes of previous album. Perhaps this gig would have been quite different, if this had been our first concert with Midlake, as most of us eagerly awaited tunes like ‘Roscoe’ and ‘Bandits’. Not surprisingly the tracks from the last album gained the most reaction from the crowd, as most of the new songs were of the mellow variety. Perhaps a large part of the audience had the last tour too recent in their memory to comprehend the complete conversion Midlake has overgone in such a short period of time.

All in all many people thought this might as well have been a lazy Sunday afternoon gig, with the kids playing in the halls and a quiet brunch being served. Midlake can be a phenomenal live band, but this evening lacked variety and wallowed in the somewhat monotony of the new album. There is however a good chance that we have not yet listened enough to the new album, as it seem to grow on you… slow but steady.

Photos by Jakob Bekker-Hansen

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