by / May 6th, 2015 /

Purity Ring – Button Factory, Dublin

Though always a challenge transporting a two-person band to a live arena, Purity Ring stepped up any beyond with cascading curtains of globe lights bracketing Megan James and Corin Roddick on the last night of their current tour. Though Megan’s gorgeous voice was a little low in the mix it was also the only instrument that didn’t light up – a fascinating inner-lit percussive set-up surrounded Corin while Megan slipped on mirrored gloves to play out pulses on a fan-like system of lights, almost like a Daft Punk cameo in The Fifth Element.

Quite shy and demure when eventually speaking, Megan is an expressive and theatrical performer. She weaves in and out of the hanging lights in a space-age rig-out while her long tresses become more unruly as the wind machines tease them out. At her most dramatic she climbs on high to strike a moon-like gong at the back of the stage.

An ideal pick-and-mix set from both albums, it was a neat hour of warm,  slo-mo dance sounds. No encore messing, just a final fling into the stand-out ‘Begin Again’ and our bank holiday is boxed off in a white neoprene box with a big red ribbon.

Purity Ring photographed for State by Killian Broderick