by / February 25th, 2008 /

Live: Cadence Weapon, Crawdaddy, Dublin


Poor Rollie Pemberton. The last time he came to Dublin for the Go! Team Tripod gig he missed his flight. This time between himself and his DJ, Weasel, they arrived without a mixer and a bag of records thanks to a certain economical air fares company. It wasn’t Michael O’ Leary’s fault rather it was an EasyJet flight from Berlin to London. To make matters worse, Rollie has a “Canadian cold” which judging by his craggy voice is a particularly rotten virus.

What transpires on the night is not as incendiary as hoped due to these factors and a strange atmosphere in the late night venue yet Rollie carries himself and the crowd well, jumping off-stage throughout, crowd-surfing and asking the audience to strike a pose to which they reciprocate gladly, Madonna style.

Most of the material from the set is taken from the upcoming Afterparty Babies album, which shines on the night. Support act Rarely Seen Above Ground retakes the stage for a version of “House Music”, while new songs “Real Estate”, “Juliann Wilding”, “The New Fashion” and more got an airing. Weasel looked a little lost without the comfort of his usual records but this gave him room for some creativity during songs as he mashed out samples, beats and scratches from the borrowed records. Songs from Breaking Kayfabe got the best reception and he finished the set with a gremlin affected “Oliver Square”, noticeably less hoarse than when he started.