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Editors, Olympia Theatre, Dublin


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Everything becomes subjective at a certain point. From whether -real’ is real right through the gamut to ‘is there too little dry ice on the stage?’ and State ran through a lot of these thoughts last night perched up in the pit. Seeing the Editors belt out an incredible, heart- (and arm-) lifting set to an indifferent crowd in Copenhagen a few months back just made us long to be back in the Olympia, though when the longing was satisfied last night and the band chose to open with -Camera’ it wasn’t the belt of energy you might have expected from the band – or not to your loyal representative up the front anyhow. Yet afterwards the emptying venue was peppered with people full of joy and elatedly raving about another stunning Editors gig. We each had our own gigs last night but this band are so good live at times that maybe they set their own standard so high.

Editors can really raise the roof but sliding into -An End Had A Start’ as the second track they, well, they miss another chance. Tom Smith is almost as passionate and idiosyncratic a front man as to make up for the two wooden criminals on either side of him on stage so settling in the centre of the venue trying to obliterate peripheral vision with beer seemed to work for a while. Sporting an Errol Flynn upper-lip ornament, Smith is carrying this band as a live spectacle but really does reward the audience as he loses himself constantly in guitars, sweat and elbows and finally lifts the place when they slam into -Bullets’ – the first gut-punch of the evening. Now we might be getting somewhere. But then it all gets a bit lost and despite some solid number such as -Lights’ and -When Anger Shows’ the mind drifted to thinking about Creme Eggs. This is band with huge energy when they do it right but maybe they are showing a bit of tour tiredness. And maybe Tom’s comment ‘So we didn’t win a Brit….’ finds them at a small jaded moment.

So seasonal confectionery aside, we are treated to a strong and solid version of -Munich’ and while assessing the situation State gets blindsided by an awesome wall of sound that drops -Smokers Outside The Hospital’ on the crowd like a Trojan horse. And it is immense. THIS is the gold these lads usually pack in the flightcases. They opened the encore the way they should have opened the show and though they followed it with the beautiful live rendition of their oldie-but-a-goodie -You Are Fading’, -Racing Rats’ was a peak and with some fantastic chills State turned around from its spot to see every single member of the crowd singing like you only get on our small island, ‘Come on now, you knew you were lost but you carried on anyway…’.

Editors – Official

Editors – Push Your Head Towards The Air