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Sea Sessions Day Two

The second day of Sea Sessions brings both blazing sun and a lot more revellers descending on Bundoran for the mix of music and surfing. Unfortunately the tide conditions are really not conducive to the latter and today’s surf event is postponed until Sunday afternoon. State settles itself in the main tent and catches the re-scheduled set from R.S.A.G. who proves why he was one of the most anticipated acts of the weekend. The new Irish talent continues with the 202s on the main stage, while the long missing Kill City Defectors offer a decent alternative in the Bavaria Bar Tent.

The evening’s early highlight is Mick Flannery, who packs the main stage with happy drunken dancing punters, starting his set off with a few songs on piano and before moving onto guitar for a more up tempo run that set the scene perfectly for Fred, who seem to have quite a following at the festival. As normal, they engage in a lot of interaction with the crowd and have a sing-a-long on the go by the end of their set.

As the sun starts to set and casts orange brushstrokes across the twilight sky, outside the tent the BMX and skate competition keeps us entertained during the inexplicably long delay before Super Furry Animals. It’s unclear whether the band like to make us wait or if it is down to the gear changeover that we wait so long, but it is near midnight before the Furries take to the stage. The fact that the bar has been closed since at in or around ten o’clock doesn’t help as the crowd start to grow impatient, leading to a fair bit of booing as when anyone bar the band come on stage. Finally Super Furry Animals arrive to a jam packed tent and manage to save the day, delivering a series of crowd pleasers both old and new, including the always awesome -The Man Don’t Give A Fuck’. Just in case the crowd aren’t sure how to react, Gruff Rhys wields placards emblazoned with the words -Applause’ and -Woah’ between songs. He needn’t have worried – we knew what to expect and SFA were well worth waiting for.

In truth though, that’s about it for the Sea Sessions. By Sunday the festival was really winding down, with the site already being dismantled in the afternoon and the tide lying low forcing the weekend’s surf events to be cancelled altogether. The town emptied as many headed home for Monday morning work commitments, leaving the remaining festival goers to enjoy one last hurrah in the company of Andrew Weatherall and DJ Mad Dog. Not the biggest festival in the world but Sea Sessions has a charm all of its own, surf or no surf.

Photos by Clair Weir

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  • ronan

    That wait for SFA was pretty annoying, but didn’t warrant the can throwing etc. Sound was still slightly off for the gig, but brilliant nonetheless. Wish I’d known RSAG rescheduled!