by / January 19th, 2015 /

State Faces of 2015 launch – The Mercantile, Dublin

With our magazine and mixtape attracting interest from readers around the world, our Faces of 2015 came alive on Friday. The night, as will the year to come, belonged to the four acts who helped make it so special and provided proof that the hype machine gets it right from time to time.

Belfast’s Robocobra Quartet wryly took to the stage and, as only they can, made jazz, punk and poetry seem like natural bedfellows with a performance that was still being talked about long after the final, discordant moments. The elegant Loah gave us a vocal performance that can only be described as astonishing before Dah Jevu once again reaffirmed that hip-hop in Ireland is finally hitting its stride. If the night wasn’t eclectic enough, headliners Bitch Falcon took things to another level and sonically bitch slapped every face among the capacity crowd, starting what is sure to be a memorable year for the rowdy quartet.

Details of our next showcase will be posted here shortly but for now, here are the best shots from remarkable night.

Photographed for State by Kieran Frost with additional shots by Paulo Nuno.