by / March 18th, 2016 /

State Faces of March – Whelans, Dublin

Having brought you a rhythmic overload at our Faces of February show, the focus of March’s gathering is very much on the power end of the spectrum. On those terms, there probably isn’t a finer band doing the rounds at the moment than Tuath. Having left us open mouthed with their Ones To Watch performance in January, the element of surprise has departed but there’s plenty else to make up for it. Blasting through their half hour with barely a word apart from a comment on the temperature, the quartet are a mesmerising experience – a wall of noise that reveals a succession of delights from frantic riffing to pulverising drums and a howling sax. Miss them at your peril.

In a past life, Slow Motion Heroes caused similar havoc as Rulers Of The Planet and, while they may have mellowed a bit in the meantime, there’s still a sense of controlled chaos amongst their melodic indie rock. Much of that comes from singer Barry McAuliffe, who focuses your attention while underplaying his frontman role. Their debut album, due early next month, is very much anticipated.

Beach are also making their way towards a first long player, seemingly adding a new layer each time they return. That means there’s a lot going on here, yet they always manage to make things hang together amongst the reverb heavy vocals, huge guitars and booming bass. And that’s before they add the visual elements at their headline show in the venue’s main room next week (25th). A band who are the sum of their parts…and then some.

Faces of March photographed for State by Kieran Frost.