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State vs Golden Plec – Mercantile, Dublin

In the year and a bit that we’ve been running our State live shows at the Mercantile in Dublin we’ve seen many things – Le Galaxie playing their synths head high in the audience, a saw / beatbox combination, a whole rake of great new bands – but we haven’t had a brass section. Until our head to head battle with fellow music site Golden Plec that is. Happily Created By Comets also fit comfortably into the final category too, and stick out a mile amongst their contemporaries to boot. As the brass might suggest, there’s as much a soul influence going on as there is an indie one and it’s the combination of the two that makes them such an intriguing proposition. They could do with mixing up the tempo a bit more but even so, Created By Comets would make the perfect addition to any festival bill this year. Promoters take note.

The Alice Kona Band have joined us from Belfast and you feel that the folks back home could probably hear them tonight. They are unbelievably loud (especially in the cosy confines of the Mercantile) and, coupled with a ferociously energetic approach, it makes for an effect that fair thumps you in the chest and slaps you round the face. How they stand out amongst their noisy Northern neighbours we’re not so sure but around these parts the Alice Kona Band are a welcome breath of not quite so fresh air.

For just their second ever gig Retarded Cop were extremely tight. Since Gaz Le Rock started dropping pop-punk gems on Youtube and Soundcloud before Christmas, the band have got their shit together in the manner of a high-speed pursuit. What started as a solo project with Gaz posted near a dozen songs online has developed into a full-band setup with some seriously catchy rock ‘n’ roll songs like ‘Tea n’ Fags’, ‘Charlie Sheen’, ‘Copvan’ and ‘Daisy’. The Mercantile was jammed for their all-too-short 45 minute set which was one of the most pleasurable headline sets at a State gig yet. The album launch takes place on June 3rd in The Workman’s Club and judging by the night’s performance, it’ll be the place to be.

Special mention and thanks to Le Tissier’s DJ/VJ set afterwards for keeping everyone going on the dancefloor and Goldenplec for being most worthy adversaries. Til next month…

Photos: Kieren Frost

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