by / November 4th, 2014 /

State’s Faces of November – The Mercantile, Dublin

It’s been a busy year for State in terms of live music, with a whole host of our favourite acts joining us on a monthly basis at The Mercantile. Saturday saw the last hurrah (for 2014 at any rate) and we must say we went out on a high. Florence Olivier kick us off with some high energy electro pop, owing an obvious debt to the ’80s (what else with a tie wearing frontman) but with enough wallop to get the young folks dancing.

We first came across Me And My Dog at Bad Bob’s during HWCH, where they proved to be a welcome shot in the arm. They continue to impress tonight, tumbling through a set of spirited guitar pop music with a winning combination of gusto and shambolic nonchalance. When we say they remind us of early Teenage Fanclub it’s the highest complement. One of the best bands to pass through these doors all year.

Hip-hop has featured a lot on State this year, so it’s perhaps fitting that we close with yet another new Irish voice. DVO Marvell arrives with a new EP under his belt and picks up on the energy created by the guitars that precede him. It says a great deal for the current home grown music scene that he fits into such a bill perfectly, with the crowd feed off his confidence and swagger, while still being drawn into his world.

The Faces shows will return in January but next up is the State Midnight Mass on December 23rd, stay tuned for more details.

State’s Faces of November were photographed by Kieran Frost.