by / July 8th, 2011 /

Tasseomancy – London

Up on the roof of 18 Ashwin Street, an attentive crowd are sitting on the artificial grass of Dalston Roof Park in respectful silence. Even the occasional rustling of bags sounds intrusive over the soft sounds of Canadian twins Tasseomancy for whom the crowd is here. Previously known as Ghost Bees, Sari and Romy Lightman finally decided on the mystical title of Tasseomancy – fortune telling through the reading of tea leaves. It fits them well. There is something ethereal and light about their performance. Without the patient hush of the crowd, the sweet stripped neo-folk would simply float away into the air, so delicate are the structures of the songs. Charms hang from their mic stands and flutter in the winds as the sisters softly wind their way through a number of tracks from their forthcoming debut album, Ulalume, including the first single ‘Soft Feet’.

Unfortunately, the beautiful surreal sounds and haunting harmonies are let down by poor sound and a soundman who spends most of his time laughing in bemusement at his sound desk, which doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s told. One of the twins politely asks for a reduction in feedback but then again, when you’re playing a gig on a roof, there’s no guarantee things will always go as you expect. Regardless, there’s plenty to charm in tonight’s set from Tasseomancy, who also moonlight as backing singers for Austra on tour. And the Austra girls are sitting among the audience supporting the twins in their one-off London show. As the music comes to an end, the Lightman sisters announce the second part of the evening – a screening of Suspiria, the Italian giallo horror film. A selection which fits the eerie sounds of Tasseomancy to a tea.

Tasseomancy | “Heavy Sleep” | Official Video from A Story Told Well on Vimeo.