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Tegan and Sara – Olympia Theatre, Dublin

The clichés about rock band siblings abound and maybe always will. In contrast to, say, the Gallaghers’ stubborn silences and infamous lack of audience interaction, going to a Tegan and Sara gig is akin to a Sunday dinner at your cool aunt’s house (and her letting you sneak a glass of white wine spritzer). This could be down to the respectful excitedness of the mainly female audience, or the playful onstage sniping between the sisters. Either way, there’s a good natured spirit infusing the Olympia, even just as the sisters Quin (who later joke about their possible Irish ties) come onstage to the strains of Lesley Gore’s ‘Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows’.

Off the bat, it’s a run through of the better tracks from most recent release Sainthood, with the punchy ‘The Ocean’ and the pleasantly cutesy ‘Alligator’ (for which a large inflatable alligator – or crocodile – is produced by the enthusiastic crowd) leading the way. Interspersing their newer songs with crowd pleasers such as ‘Walking With A Ghost’ and ‘Nineteen’ from 2007’s So Jealous appears to go down a treat, and covers all necessary ground, in between which we are treated to some of that now-legendary banter (which may or may not have included that day’s instore in Tower Records (see video) and a general lamentation on the demise of record shops, chocolate-covered pretzels and jokes at the expense of one of their long-standing roadies). And, in fairness, their upbeat indie pop, sweet harmonies and engagingly naive lyrics are more than conducive to an enjoyable hour and a half of standing.

An acoustic encore receives the largest cheer (after we’re told how adorable we are for our “one more tune” chant), with pared-down versions of ‘Back In Your Head’, the lovely ‘Call It Off’ and the folksy ‘Living Room’, and we are sent off into the balmy night, full of cheer and cosiness, with promises not to be away too long. The musical equivalent of a big warm hug, and the tunes aren’t bad either. Not a bad way to spend a June evening.

Photos by Sara Devine.
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  • grrrrace

    Nineteen is from “The Con” (2007) and Walking With a Ghost is from “So Jealous” (2004)…

  • seamus

    I was just about to comment with the same thing (and I’m not even a huge Tegan & Sara fan).