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Ten Past Seven, Laura Sheeran, Kevin Blake, First Blood Part ii – Nuns Island Theatre, Galway

To celebrate the launch of their new EP Bothar Buí, Ten Past Seven have gathered their collaborators together for a very special evening in Nuns Island Theatre. Performing alongside the trio tonight are First Blood Part ii, Kevin Blake and Laura Sheeran and judging by the sheer volume of strange equipment and instruments lying on the floor the night should yield some interesting results.

First Blood Part ii (aka) Kevin Kennedy kicks off the proceedings with a improvised piece that sees him construct a dreamy soundscape using a dislocated kitchen sink connected to a microphone. Bubbling noises and drones reverberate around the room as he fills and empties the sink in a fascinating display of sound.

Next up is Kevin Blake whose glitchy laptop set connects the dots between Four Tet, Zomby and DJ Shadow. Even in the face of a few technical difficulties he manages to get heads moving to his songs – something which can be hard if your audience are all sitting down. His music goes a little deeper than your run of the mill IDM and it would be interesting to hear a full performance of his music sometime.

Laura Sheeran follows, performing a number of songs off her forthcoming debut album. As well as playing guitars and keyboards Laura shows off her ability to play the saw whose haunting melodies added a new dimension to her music. However it’s her mesmerising voice which is her greatest asset and is bound to send shivers up your spine. Look out for her debut Lust of the Pig and Fresh Blood coming in January.

Finally it’s time for the three Kerrymen to take to the stage and once the monomes and laptops are out of harms way, they launch into a typically ferocious song. Ten Past Seven possess the kind of insane energy that’s usually reserved for breakcore and to experience their power you really need to see them live. Older tracks such as ‘Conjunctivitis’ and ‘Back in Business’ are executed perfectly as the trio meander around the complex polyrhythms and intense riffs. They resemble the band Lightning Bolt in how they manage to elicit so much noise from their instruments and also in how they like to perform on the same level as their audience. The highlight of tonight could be ‘Bothar Buí’, a slightly more restrained song which sees the band creating a dark otherworldly atmosphere and building tension to a breaking point. The band squeeze every drop of possibility out of their minimal set-up; one example being drummer Ger’s ability to create a mechanical sound by placing a hi-hat on the snare drum.

Tonight’s venue has been an inspired decision- even with full attendance, the limited capacity means it feels more like a house party than a gig. If this is what it’s like when Ten Past Seven organise a one-off show State would love to see them curate a festival.

  • Ray

    This was on last saturday November 27th!

  • The gig was on the 27th of November… and I played visuals at it for both Ten Past Seven and Kevin Blakes set. No mention of anything like that… were you there??