by / September 28th, 2010 /

Thread Pulls – Workman’s Club, Dublin

Sometimes less is more and that is certainly the case for Thread Pulls. This two-piece make one hell of a racket and the sheer, bodily force of the sounds they concoct is in full effect for the launch of their debut album, New Thoughts, in The Workman’s Club. Consisting solely of bass, drums and a cacophony of looped trumpet and vocals, they draw on many of the same krautrock influences that so inspire fellow Dublin rhythm merchants Twin Kranes. While never as fearfully intimidating as their motorik brethren, they are more dynamic and more loose in the best way possible. Their set overflows with energy, maintaining a consistently breathtaking intensity throughout.

Bassist and trumpeter Gavin Duffy’s vocals are a joy to behold, flowing endless from a low baritone to high pitched squeals; sometimes coming across like a less cynical Mark E. Smith. They add a beautifully unhinged aspect to music that consists mainly of pounding drums and chest-collapsing bass lines, giving it a more free form, unpredictable nature. The drums themselves play a huge part in the sound, being devoid of a traditional cymbal setup. This sparse approach makes for a distinctly low sound, with the drums underpinning and driving the songs without ever being in your face about it.

Tonight was a fittingly impressive launch for what will surely be a very popular album. Loud but controlled, dynamic but tight, classic but fresh, there’s an awful lot to like about a band like Thread Pulls. Hell, they even rocked out on a cowbell for a little while.