by / February 3rd, 2010 /

Tubelord – The Academy, Dublin

Tubelord survey the half-empty venue at the start of the Dublin date on their brief Irish tour – a sight which would crush most other bands’ spirits before even a note is struck. Then again, this three-piece from Kingston-upon-Thames aren’t just another band as near-constant touring over the past two years have turned them into a well-oiled unit.

There is no evidence of dampened spirits in their set. Album opener ‘Your Bed is Kind of Frightening’ displays the band’s finely-honed brand of fidget-rock is no doubt where the endless comparisons to Biffy Clyro arise.

After this opening blast, both band and audience are suitably relaxed. From then on the songs come thick and fast with an absolutely jaw-dropping rendition of ‘He Awoke on a Beach in Abergavenn’ and ‘Propeller’ being particular highlights.

Both drummer Dave Catmur and vocalist Joe Prendergast are in fine form, bantering back and forth with the crowd about their process for recruiting bassists (Tim who plays with them tonight is their fifth apparently),what constitutes heckling and defending Limerick against its violent reputation. A riotous blast through ‘I Am Azzerad’ and album closer and title track ‘Our First American Friends’ and it’s over with the band thanking the crowd profusely and stating their desire to come back as soon as they can. Here’s hoping when they return that the size of the audience befits the gravity of their performance this evening.