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Tycho & Ulrich Schnauss – The Button Factory, Dublin

It’s a Wednesday night in Dublin and, man, it sure is hot. There’s no chance of cooling down however as we delve into the sauna-like conditions of The Button Factory to catch American musician Scott Hansen aka Tycho showcasing some tracks from his latest album Awake.

Support tonight comes from German electronic legend Ulrich Schnauss who has become somewhat of a regular visitor to Irish shores over the last couple of years. We get a nice set of ambient passages and pulsating beats and all viewed from the balcony where it’s somewhat cooler than the furnace like conditions on the dance floor below.

The place is packed to the rafters by the time Mr Hansen takes to the stage. Any fears that it’s going to be a one-man-and-his-laptop affair (as was the case the last time he played here) are soon dispelled as three band members join him and swiftly launch into the title track of the aforementioned album which could be the song of the summer so far. Zac Brown’s palm-muted, reverb-laden guitar is quickly joined by the rolling bass of Joe Davancens while the man himself operates three synths adding lush soundscapes to proceedings with one Rory O’Connor laying down furious beats over it all. Organic? Yes. Orgasmic? Quite possibly.

Visuals of desert landscapes and setting suns dance on the big screen behind the band as we get a selection of tracks from his last two albums including ‘Daydream’ from the Californian’s 2011 album Dive. It’s a nice mixture of chillwave and downtempo electronica with the live band bringing elements of post rock to the party.

After almost a dozen songs they depart the stage giving their thanks and appreciation but this sweaty crowd aren’t letting them get away that easy and a couple of minutes Scott and the lads reappear to give us two more tunes to cap off a magnificent performance that sends us back onto the still humid city streets with massive grins on our faces.

Tycho photographed for State by Mark McGuinness

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    Nearly sure that photo is of support act Ulrich Schnauss, not