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Warpaint – Crawdaddy, Dublin

Despite The Fool being one of the best albums of the year, Warpaint as a live proposition are something else entirely. While on record they may have the tendency to walk on the tame side, their live show is nothing short of explosive. This hitherto hidden rockingness can mainly be attributed to the tight as fuck rhythm section – bogling bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg and Animal-esque drummer, Stella Mozgawa. Mozgawa, particularly, is incredible and watching her hands fly around at seventy nine thousand miles an hour for the sake of some frenzied drum fills is pure joy.

That sense of joy is visible on stage too. Warpaint actually look like a band it would fun to be a member of. Inter-band giggles and asides occur throughout their set. Guitarist and vocalist, Emily Kokal even tells us how she has always wanted to come to Ireland as the first four cassettes she ever owned were by Clannad, Enya, U2 and The Cranberries.

Encouragingly, this sense of playfulness is also audible in their songs. Tunes regularly flow into each other without pause for applause and their often bizarre song-structures only add to the sense that Warpaint truly are a special band. Even ‘Composure’, one of the weaker tracks from The Fool, comes alive tonight. And with the likes of ‘Bees’, ‘Undertow’ and ‘Billie Holiday’ also in their arsenal, Warpaint are pretty much unstoppable right now.

So, the good news is that Warpaint will make even better records than The Fool (Mozgawa was only in the band three weeks when they recorded the album). The bad news is that the next time they play here, it will be in a much bigger venue. The most exciting new band since Arcade Fire? No question.

Photos: Alan Moore

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  • John

    I wonder if this gig would have sold out without all the serious press attention it got? I really don’t think so..

  • And this is bad HOW?

    People were alerted to a band. They liked the band. Where’s the problem?

  • John, how do you think every other sold-out show manages to achieve that feat? It’s certainly not by keeping schtum…

  • Simon

    Found out about these guys from BBC6. Undertow is amazing and the album is even better. Managed to get a ticket for in Copehagen. Everyone is saying they’re amazing live so it should be a gig to remember.

  • Nice one Simon, should be a great show.

    I guess John only hears about new bands direct from the source, hey, probably never heard of any band from outside Dublin, and only then when he stumbles upon them in the pub?

    Thought not…