by / October 13th, 2010 /

Wolf Parade, Copenhagen in photos

Wolf Parade continued their long Expo 86 tour with a stop off in Little Vega here in Copenhagen, one of the best little sweat-boxes to see the Montreal four-piece in. As whirlwind as ever, there was some on-stage messing as Dante kept turning off Spencer Krug’s amp but for their part they laced through some of the best tracks from the new third album but what was most clear from the show was how blisteringly epic the tracks from their debut album are – five years after Apologies to the Queen Mary was released. ‘I’ll Believe in Anything’ grabs every loose object in the room in close and blasts it all over the ceiling to yelps and screams. Even just writing about it requires a sit-down and a cup of tea. An unmissable live act.

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