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Yeasayer – KB, Malmo & Vega, Copenhagen

We took a little trip to keep up with Yeasayer’s tour as it hit Malmo and Copenhagen. A pleasant surprise was the support band, who happened to be one guy – and he was also manning the merch stand. Hush Hust – a tall and skinny, retiring, bearded type who, together with some backing tracks, treated us to songs of a most lurid and perverse nature – -Blood Sex’ and -Sex Party’ to name just two. Listening to his six songs was like spending a week watching some unusual homemade pornography, but immensely funny and entertaining. The main act did remark from the stage later on that the weirdest thing about the tour was sharing a bus with that guy.

Yeasayer came across a bit tired for a Thursday in Malmo, with an impressive yet small stage set-up which includes lighting plinths that support various keyboards and what looks like four huge lit-from-within teeth. They begin with a brooding version of -Children’, the opener from the new album, and it’s much more impressive live than on the album. There’s a big treat in -Wait For The Summer’ from their previous (and first) album and while some of the new songs are superb live -I Remember’, -Madder Red’ and the -80s disco-tastic -O.N.E.’ deserve special mention, they almost entirely eschew the first (and perhaps better) album. They managed to play the most amazing set with just this first album in Roskilde two years ago so the bizarre inclusion of just two of its songs (-Sunrise’ came in the encore) beggared belief. We did, however, get -Tightrope’ from the Dark Was The Night compilation album, which was a real treat but after this the middle part of the set dipped badly. Weak new songs such as -Mondegreen’ and -Strange Reunion’ took up some good setlist space when a simple version of -2080′ would have brought the house down.

With the same set, the Copenhagen show on a quiet Monday night was a much more lively affair. A packed crowd and a now-visibly vibrant band happily intensified all the good bits. Hush Hush even ended up topless during his set. Great when they are good but a leaner, meaner set with a better mix from both albums could make a night with Yeasayer the party it deserves to be. While they are still leaving out songs like -2080′ some setlist editing is called for before people will lose themselves completely in the band’s company once more.

Photos by Jakob Bekker-Hansen

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