by / July 27th, 2011 /

Yvette – New York

It’s hard to imagine how any of Brooklyn’s small, overheated, boxy warehouse music venues can make enough money even to pay their own rent. Death By Audio is a small and heavily graffitied venue tucked away on a residential street in Williamsburg that sells cans of beer for $3 to drink on ripped-out carseats and somehow is OK with you smoking inside. On a Thursday all of about 25 people have braved the standard $7 entrance fee to see three bands: we’re here to see Yvette, a Brooklyn two-piece who seem to be trying very hard to emulate LA noise-rockers HEALTH, except even louder and with more distortion. What’s lacking in this set, though, is the rigourous tightness and fearsome intensity HEALTH’s live shows have become known for.

While songs like ‘Less’ and ‘Vibrations’ all seem to start off strong and with the same pulsating energy, Noah Kardos-Fein’s howling vocals end up somewhat lost each time under an explosive assault of drums. The result, at its best, is a kind of spooky shoegazey sound which is missing from a lot of noisy so-called experimental music today. Either way, the crowd at Death By Audio seem to enjoy it. For something so howling and droney, there’s evidence too that you can still dance to it, as with bands like HEALTH and Fuck Buttons at their peak. The set is short and intense overall, but with only four tracks on their self-released self-titled debut, Yvette can only stand to get better at what they do: short sharp bursts of vivid and volatile music, played as loud as you can take it.

  • Peter Robinson

    Is State hiring J1’s now?