Issue 04

State is a quality monthly music magazine with emphasis on in-depth coverage of music and popular culture, as well as strong visual impact. State features informative, penetrative articles on Irish and international music, complemented by arresting and largely original imagery and a fresh and bold overall design.

State’s content reflects the best of established music both in Ireland and internationally, as well as unearthing the finest prospects for the future in the broadest range of music available in any Irish magazine. All of this is rolled together with the best and most extensive games, books, film and music reviews.

State is the point where commercial music magazines cross with specialist titles, a publication that treats all genres and styles with enthusiasm, knowledge and superb presentation.

The magazine’s digital sibling ( reflects and reports on the constant ebb and flow of great new music, both in Ireland and anywhere in the world where someone can plug in a microphone. will feature a constant daily stream of free content that complements the magazine, as well as feeding you daily updates on reviews, news, previews and free downloads. State has also nailed down the most informative posts from all over the globe, ensuring you’re at the cutting edge, as familiar with the new face of Japanese electronica as the latest indie darlings from Montreal.

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