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Update: download 2XM independent record store documentary

This weekend RTÉ 2XM shine a much appreciated spotlight on the condition of independent record stores in Ireland. For the past few years, the majority of discussion around independent record stores worldwide has centered around the death of them. In a growing digital age and with the added burden of less disposable income the show exposes the fragile state of music retail in the 21st Century and seeks to answer the ever more pertinent question; is there any hope?

Independents’ Days, a 45-minute documentary that airs at 12pm this Saturday (and repeated on Wednesday, July 25th at 6pm), shows how independent stores in Ireland are bucking the trend by diversifying and embracing shop-share models. Featuring contributions from those working and running stores in five Irish cities, the documentary looks at how each retailer is dismantling the traditional record store model by teaming up with cafés, venues, bookstores, etc.

The show will focus on the resilience of the outlets in a culturally and economically challenging time and champions the people committed to reversing their fortunes. Simultaneously it paints a realistic picture of the life that comes with their efforts. Featuring the likes of Wing Nut, Elastic Witch, and Plugd Records the show will bring to the fore members of Melodica Deathship and the Popical Island collective to give their views on the importance of independent record stores. Additionally, it looks the other side of the trade and speaks to the people who keep these stores going; the record collectors.

RTÉ 2XM can be found online, on digital, and UPC Channel 944.

Photo: Marcin Lewandowski

Update: you can now stream / download the documentary below.