by / July 9th, 2009 /

5 Big Sets you shouldn’t miss

Some sets at this year’s Oxegen have an unmissable quality to them from bands you’d never thought you’d see live again to newer acts you definitely should and to legends you might be seeing for the last time, State looks at five of the biggest and brightest taking place this weekend.

1. PENDULUM – O2, Stage Friday
If you haven’t got on the Pendulum juggernaut by now, now is your time. Perhaps one of the best live shows State has collectively ever seen, these London-based Aussies are the first band to fuse bone-crunching metal riffs with drum and bass so successfully and so thrillingly. Last year at Oxegen, the tent was rammed and this year the open air O2 stage will do the bands loads of favours . Expect people to be singing Pendulum riffs come Friday night.

2. BLUR – Main Stage Sunday
With a triumphant Glastonbury headline slot behind them – Damon was choking back tears for god’s sake – and a double whammy of Hyde Park shows last week being hailed as some of the best gigs this year, it’s not hard to imagine why Irish audiences will be clamouring to see the band re-united. It’s gonna be singalong-tastic.

3. FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE – Red Bull Music Academy – Sunday
It’s Florence Welch’s week. With her debut album Lungs looking likely to go #1 in the UK and Top 5 here, she may be in a celebratory mood. Having caught her live show in London during the week, State can attest that Florence is a rare talent and will hopefully be around for quite a while.

4. FEVER RAY – Dance Arena, Sunday
Simon Roche’s first review back from Fever Ray’s show at Roskilde last week used the words “like nothing I’ve ever seen before”. Taking place in the Dance Arena in pitch darkness, the stage will be illuminated by lasers and lamps with Karin Dreijer Andersson dressed up in hooded costumes singing her black soul out. Also, would it be remiss to mention that I will be DJing before her set at 3.20pm…

5. NINE INCH NAILS – 02 Stage, Sunday
This show as part of the Wave Goodbye Tour is touted to be the last time you’ll ever get to see Trent Reznor and co. for a very, very long time. So if you’ve ever listened to The Downward Spiral or anything from NIN’s extensive back catalogue, this might be your last chance to offer up a mosh or a headbang to a hard rock legend. See Hilary A. White’s review of the show in Berlin last week for a taster.