by / March 4th, 2009 /

A Certain Ratio for Dublin

They have not have been the most high profile act on Factory Records, but A Certain Ratio can certainly claim to having had an effect that extended far beyond many of their more celebrated peers.

Their explorations of funk and disco in tracks such as -Shack Up’ and -Do the Du’ have been credited as influences on acts such as LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture. ACR released Mind Made Up, their first studio album, in many moons, last year. This Irish date is part of the Factory Records 30th anniversary tour.

Support on the night comes from the 202s. Marrying vintage synth sounds with the pop instrumentation of melodicas, glockenspiels and harmonicas, then filtering the lot through a post-punk haze, the 202s are signed to the Parisian indie label Le Son Du Maquis who released Mind Made Up.