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A Heads Up: Put a Donk on it!


Welcome to a new style (that sounds like the old style) of bouncy, annoying techno called Donk. The scene’s soon to be breakout hit is called ‘Put a Donk on it’ by Blackout Crew from Bolton. You may also be familiar with thier tune ‘Bbbbounce’ which I frightened upon while channel-surfing one night recently.

Warning, this video has over 920,000 views in the past month. It is also amazing in many ways.

“Y’know what you wanna do with that, right? put a banging donk on it!”

Full Story at the Guardian Blog.

  • Brian


  • Mike

    jesus christ, this is the end….

  • is it just me, or are they holding their mics in a really lame way?

  • AstonishingSodApe

    Donk da-donk-donk-donk!

    Do I get the job?

  • Heard this on television this morning. Christ it’s terrifying. Reminds me of the worst Eastern European club music. Sick is right.

  • Oh God

    My God, mass stupidity really has hit a new low…and they’re all eating it up

  • Rambling River Drifter

    The weird thing is that chavs consider this to be real music! This style of music threatens to run real musicians out of a job! The people that create this garbage are totally talentless!

  • I remember seeing that late at night on MTV base or something a few months back. It’s complete shite but I couldn’t change the channel, I was kind of fascinated that something like that actually is made in all seriousness.

  • katie

    i just wanna know wot u mean by put a donk on it?????

  • Chloe

    Man They ARe Fit As Fuck 😉 x

  • Peter

    If I wanted to change this tune, I would change the lyrics of the GODAWFUL rap sections to something based more on putting a donk on it. I would also completely remove the section that interrupts the third chorus.

    The instrumental is just fine for it’s genre but the voices? well… UGH!!