by / November 2nd, 2011 /

Additions to SOUND+VISION Festival

The Model in Sligo have launched a new Music Film Festival. SOUND+VISION is a festival celebrating the music film genre through “concert films, musical documentaries, films which popularised major movements in music history, films defined by their soundtracks and landmark moments of musical and cinema history”.

The Model have teamed up with Cinema North West to curate the programme, detailed below, with 40 events taking place between November 16 – 27.

SOUND+VISION opens with Sing Your Song about the ‘King of Calypso’, Harry Belafonte Jr. by Susanne Rostock.

Shellshock Rock to the Punk has been added to the line-up on Sunday, November 27. Director John T. Davis and Terri Hooley (Godfather of the Belfast Punk) will host a talk after the screening at 6pm, followed by the Irish premiere of of Punk’s Not Dead by Macedonian film-maker Vladimir Blazevski.

Camber duo Wavetrain will be perform the work of Olivier Messiaen alongside a screening of a film based on his work, The Crystal Liturgy: Oliver Messaien.

Dark Room Notes will perform a specially composed score accompaniment to the silent film classic The Lost World. Donal Dineen’s Parish project featuring Congolese guitarist Niwel Tsumbu, Amina Dastan of Madu amongst others will perform the same night.

Tickets may be bought at The Model box office with further details on week and full festival passes over on

12 Nov: Tales of Enchantment and Magic: animation workshops with Naomi Draper
16 Nov: Sing Your Song: Irish Premiere
17 Nov: Sound it out
17 Nov: Inní : Sigur Rós
18 Nov: Shtax: A Homecoming
18 Nov: Pearl Jam : Twenty
19 Nov: Wavetrain
19 Nov: The Crystal Liturgy: A portrait of Olivier Messiaen
19 Nov: Walt Disney’s: The Jungle Book
19 Nov: Stop–Motion Animation Workshops: with Eimhin McNamara
20 – 23 Nov: The Farocki Shorts
20 – 23 Nov: Melancholia
20 Nov: The Last Waltz
20 Nov: The Gruffalo
20 Nov: Make your own animation: with Eimhin McNamara
23 Nov: The Models Shorts Showcase
24 Nov: Bird on a Wire: Leonard Cohen
24 Nov: Ladies and Gentlemen: Mr. Leonard Cohen
25 Nov: The Taqwacores
25 Nov: Rory Gallagher: Irish Tour 1974
26 Nov: The Lost World
26 Nov: Parish and Donal Dineen DJ Set
26 Nov: Arrietty
27 Nov: Bob and the Monster
27 Nov: Punk’s Not Dead: (Irish Premiere)
27 Nov: Punk lives on in Belfast: Shellshock Rock