by / July 23rd, 2008 /

Albarn announces Monkey album & BBC Olympics titles


Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn’s latest project Monkey is due to release an album Journey to the West in August.

em>Journey to the West is an opera performed by both European and Chinese musicians and singers and produced by Damon Albarn. It opens at Royal Opera House in London on Wednesday, July 23rd. With lyrics based on ancient Chinese texts and performed in Mandarin, the album has been recorded in London and Beijing over the last twelve months.

With a running time of 50 minutes, Journey to the West consists of 22 instrumental and vocal tracks.

The duo have also had a large hand in the making of a title sequence/promo with both the animation and music specially made for BBC’s Beijing Olympics coverage which you can see here:


1.Monkey’s World
2.Monkey Travels
3.Into the Eastern Sea
4.The Living Sea
5.The Dragon King
6.Iron Rod
7.Out of the Eastern Sea
8.Heavenly Peach Banquet
9.Battle in Heaven
10.O Mi To Fu
12.Tripitaka’s Curse
13.Confessions of a Pig
14.Sandy the River Demon
15.March of the Volunteers
16. The White Skeleton Demon
17.Monk’s Song
18.I love Buddha
19.March of the Iron Army
20.Pigsy in Space
21.Monkey Bee
22. Disappearing Volcano

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