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Ambitious bluegrass ensemble Punch Brothers for the Sugar Club

Punch Brothers

Former Nickel Creek member Chris Thile takes his ambitious bluegrass ensemble Punch Brothers band to The Sugar Club on July 11th.

You may be familiar with Nickel Creek, the prodigious young North American contemporary bluegrass trio who formed when they were in the early teens in 1989 and finally said farewell in 2006. Founding member, vocalist and mandolinist Chris Thile, now only 26 has formed a new band called Punch Brothers. An all-together more ambitious project, inspired by the vicissitude of life and music, namely fatigue with verse/chorus verse formula and the break-up of his young marriage, the debut album Punch was released in February.

The centerpiece of Punch is ‘The Blind Leaving the Blind’, a forty minute bluegrass/folk/classical opus in four movements first debuted at Carnegie Hall in 2007. It was recorded live in a 4,600 square-foot room in Manhattan with a 35-foot high ceiling often used for large-scale film scoring. Thile recently told State the concept was ‘to blend formal and folk compositions’ and with the help of four companions on fiddle, banjo, guitar and bass. The outcome is an ambituous record which Thile likens to a bluegrass version of ‘a string quartet or a modern rock ensemble’.

More info on Punch Brothers at Myspace.

Tickets are priced at €25.50.