by / December 20th, 2009 /

And the UK Christmas number one is….

The remarkable campaign to see Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name Of’ reach the Christmas number one has suceeded with the song selling 502,672 copies ahead of The X-Factor winner Joe McElderry’s 450,838 to the top spot. It is also the first digital-download only Christmas single.

  • I would care more about this if I didn’t think Rage were a bunch of narcissistic bastards, but it’s still fairly cool, if a complete non-event in the long-term.

  • This was a great symbolic victory for real music over the manufactured sterile formulaic saccharine drivel that is spoonfed to the masses through the music charts. A brilliant example of the impact an internet campaign can have when it’s based on an idea that people can grab hold of. I don’t know where the contributor above gets the idea that RATM are narcissistic. Musically and lyrically they are one of the most important bands in the history of rock music. Respect to all who made this happen.