by / September 16th, 2015 /

Anderson to launch debut album at Tower Records

If you haven’t heard of or seen Anderson over the past few days, where the hell have you been? Under a rock? Lost at sea in some sort of poetic, bizarre turn of events mirroring your absurd, but very real, deathly fear of saline? In any case, Daniel Anderson – as seen on Facebook flogging his new record Patterns door-to-door – is launching his latest effort at Tower Records this Saturday, September 19th at 1pm. You really should pop along; from what we’ve heard from Patterns so far, this will be ace. Watch Anderson talk the hind legs off of the proverbial donkey below and if you’re reading this, Daniel, we’ll happily take a copy off your hands.

Patterns is released this Friday, September 18th on CD and limited edition vinyl.