by / August 13th, 2009 /

Update: Radiohead officially release ‘..Twisted Words’

Only last week we had ‘Harry Patch (In Memory of)’ a tribute to the 111-year old First World War veteran and yesterday another random new tune has seemingly appeared.

Entitled ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ it appeared on fan site AtEase without any explanation or confirmation. Is this from the film Twilight that the band are purporting to be contributing to? Who knows. It’s certainly the work of Radiohead though..

Update: Stereogum reports that redirects to Radiohead’s W.A.S.T.E store. The phrase ‘Wall of ice’:

turned up in the metadata of that ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ MP3 we all feel reasonably certain is a new Radiohead song. And according to this guy’s sleuthing (via TDS), its full file title was “01-radiohead-these _are_my_twisted_words-(advance)-2009-woi.mp3,” where woi probably = wall of ice.

Fan site AtEase says the 17th of August popped up in the metadata for the file also so a lot of fans are pinning their hope on a new EP available tomorrow.. it could all be codswallop so We’ll find out then.

It’s a proper free download of ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ with artwork fron the W.A.S.T.E Store. Get it.

An MP3 is available at Stereogum.