• That’s Arcade Fire, Florence, Muse and Vampire Weekend. Might have to consider losing my Oxegen virginity.

  • Sean

    Not to mention hot chip. It looks so tasty, but I dunno if it’d be worth he hassle. There’s gonna be an ‘element’ to it this year moreso that ever before with Eminem. I still remember the queue of people waiting to get returns after his last cancelation. Proof of evolution it was in itself.

    Day tickets could be the answer though!

  • I pay relatively little attention to Oxegen generally so probably a stupid question, but do they announce the days for each band in any way before the tickets come out? Not really worth gambling on a day…

  • Sean

    They did the day before in 07, and I think so last year. But given that they’re out Friday I doubt it this year.

    I do remember lots of people on toutless looking for swaps last year though!

  • Ok, maybe I should just grab any day and hope for the best then. Wanting Muse, and I hope they get some of the better acts under them, too. I assume the order of the headliners on the official press release (Eminem, Muse, Jay-Z) is not a reflection of the day they’re headlining? Might go for the Saturday on the off chance that it is…

  • Conor McCaffrey

    Those three acts will be headlining the main stage on different days. The likes of Arcade Fire will probably headline the second stage. Looks like MCD have started the annual hoover-up of the big names.

  • Sean

    The Official Press Release has change though, with Arcade Fire taking top billing over Jay-Z.

    Could just be another Muse/Snow Patrol thing a la 07, though.

  • ciara

    Muse are headlining on the Saturday. they said it on the announcement on their website.

  • Excellent, thanks Ciara, that’s that solved 🙂