by / November 19th, 2012 /

ASIWYFA look for support

The perilous nature of the modern music industry has been well documented but it’s still a surprise to find a band appealing for public support in such a transparent manner as And So I Watch You From Afar have done. A statement from the band reads as follows:

We’re here to ask for your help guys.

As you know, this month and last we had to cancel our UK and European tours as one of the band needed some surgery. The good news is we’re all now fighting fit and recovered. The bad news is that we really count on tours to keep the band moving, pay our over heads, feed us and keep us alive and as we haven’t been on tour we’ve run very low on money. Add to this that our trusty van finally bit the dust last month, we’ve been hit with some huge legal fees, we need to renew our visas to get back into USA to tour next year all whilst trying to repress some old stock for you guys, we’re feeling the burn. Our new label Sargent House has helped us out so much already, but there’s really only so much they can do…

So we’re turning to the people who care about all these things, you guys.

We’ve never done this before and hopefully we’ll never have to again but if want/can donate something to keeping ASIWYFA able to do what we love doing please click on the link below

Thanks for understanding, and of course, we’ll have a little present for everyone who helps out.

All our love


You can make a donation to the band here.