• Ciaran Gaynor

    She’s like Duffy’s evil twin.

  • Awful music isn’t it. Sure it’ll so well despite being so bad, though :S

  • Ciaran Gaynor

    It’s not awful music, no – it’s a solid urban pop and some of her songs are really quite good. She wrote Party In The USA for Miley Cyrus and I’m sure we’re all agreed that that was a very good single. She just needs to avoid rubbish acoustic performances like the one she did for Later…

  • I just think it’s dire to be honest Ciaran. But then again I played two of her songs and then gave up, so perhaps I’m not in the best position to judge. That Miley Cyrus Song was alright for all of one play, but damn it got annoying fast!

    Never been a fan of urban pop, so that’s probably what it is, but to me she’s irritating in the extreme. The Vaccines on the other hand I do think have something about them.