by / February 3rd, 2016 /

BC Camplight announces return to Dublin

Transcendental crooner and all-round good guy Brian Christinzio, aka, BC Camplight, has announced a return to Dublin for May 1st. Taking to the stage upstairs in Whelan’s, we can’t recommend going to see the man himself enough. The added bonus this time is that BC is playing with a full band and will hopefully try and top this story of the last time he played:

“The last time I played Dublin I did so solo but brought along my friend and BCC guitarist Jonno for moral support. We shared a single cot-like bed above a ShoeZone on Talbot street. On the first night a naked homeless couple broke through the window in the hallway and had sex against our door for the entire evening. Was impressive but we were trapped in the room. Jonno was the first to be brave enough to pry open the warm sticky door and step over them. After my show Jonno and I went around drink challenging the city. We ended up at an after party where the host eventually collapsed. Jonno carried him to bed but I’m still not convinced the man hadn’t already passed away.”

Amazing. See you soon, BC.